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About interVista

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interVista is a free web service where you can answer a questionnaire about yourself and get in touch with suitable persons.

interVista has three aims;

  1. improve self-knowledge
  2. let other people (in particular partners, relatives, friends and other persons with whom you interact) have a deeper and more significant knowledge of yourself, and know these persons better by sharing their respective answers to the questionnaire
  3. get in contact with persons suitable to you

Answering interVista's questionnaire is like letting someone interview you, doing self-analysis, making a self-examination, enquiring about existential questions, evaluating yourself, and writing a self-presentation.

interVista is also a social network as it allows anyone to get in contact with suitable persons. In fact, users can send messages to one another by means of the anonymous internal mailing system.

With interVista you can get in touch with interesting people who seek or offer: friendship, mutual knowledge, exchange of Ideas, interaction for hobbies, games, sports, travels etc., co-operation for playing music, singing, dancing etc., language exchange, mutual help, advice, work, clients, cohabitation, cohousing, home exchange, car pooling, business co-operation, intellectual co-operation, tutoring, long-lasting love relationship, occasional love relationship, etc.

Signing up to interVista is anonymous and free of charge.

For every registered user, a public web page containing some personal data and the answers to the questionnaire is automatically created, with a web address that can be shared. However, the user can set the page as invisible, if so wished. Furthermore, it is possible to set each single answer as public or private.

It is not necessary to answer all questions, you can choose the questions you wish to answer.

interVista is available in five sites of different languages: in English (, Italian (, French (, German ( and Spanish (

See also Frequently Asked Questions and Getting Started

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