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My interests, hobbies, habits
Details about what I seek and offer
Things that worry me in my life
Things that worry me in the lives of the persons who are important to me
Things that worry me in the lives of all human beings
My personality  
My nature and character
How introvert / extravert I am
What I find good/beautiful in life
What I find bad/ugly in life
I prefer to lead or follow?
How orderly and inclined to discipline I am
How important sincerity is for me
How arrogant or presumptuous I am
How creative I think I am
How much I try to adapt to society as it is and how much I try to change it
My preferences and tastes  
What I appreciate most in a person
My favorite types of readings
My favorite vacations (places, activities, company etc.)
Persons I consider role models
My favorite sports (practised)
My favorite sports (watched)
Nutrition forms chosen (vegetarian, vegan, omnivorous etc.)
My favorite artists (painters, sculptors, architects, photographers etc.)
My favorite comedians and humorists
My favorite film directors
My favorite news sources and journalists
My favorite actors / actresses
My favorite classical music composers
My favorite pop musicians and singers
My feelings  
Things I am passionate about
Things I could never forgive
How much I can stand solitude, how often I feel lonely
How selective I am in social relations
My fragilities and vulnerabilities
Things that make me suffer
Things that make me laugh
Things about which I cannot joke
Types of persons I hate or despise
What I feel for human beings in general
How easily I fall in love
How I react to aggressiveness and insults of others towards me
How I react to accusations and criticism
What I like about my work
What I dislike about my work
My wishes and motivations  
What I am looking for but can't find
How satisfied I am of the life I live
How much I am interested in new ideas
Things I would like to learn
Habits I would like to quit
What I would like to change in my mentality
What I would like to change in my emotionality
My needs that are dissatisfied or conflicting
Things I would like to know
What I would do with 100 million dollars
Challenges that motivate me
What I want to do before I die
Dreams and passions I gave up
My social relationships  
How much I am interested in the ideas and feelings of others
How much I need other people's approval
What I expect from a friend, what true friendship is for me
What I am doing for the common good
For what I would like to be recognized / appreciated
What I can offer for free
Do I feel recognized / appreciated enough by the people close to me?
What I do when I am angry
How I am able to manage conflicts
How much I am able to understand what the others wish or expect from me
For what I feel misunderstood
Persons who have helped me and to whom I am grateful
How much I meet the expectations and wishes of the persons close to me?
My story  
Disappointments I have had
Misfortunes I have suffered
Persons against whom I have fought
Books that changed my life
The job that gave me the most satisfaction
Things I have achieved, built, produced
My self-evaluations  
How intelligent I think I am
How much I feel useful, and to whom
In what areas I think I am not competitive, incapabale
In what areas I think I am competitive, capable
In what areas I think I am underestimated / overestimated
Whether I think I am a debtor or creditor to society
In what way I feel different from the others
In what way I feel equal to the others
How free from mental cages I think I am
My ethics  
What I think of tax evasion from an ethical point of view
My opinion about prostitution
My opinion about pornography
My opinion about homosexuality and bisexuality
My opinion about abortion
My opinion about altruism and egotism
My opinion about war and pacifism
My opinion about euthanasia
My opinion about the death penalty
My opinion about torture, and whether I think it should be allowed in particular cases
My opinion about poligamy
My ideas and views  
Do I believe in destiny? That all things follow a predetermined plan? That nothing happens by chance?
Whom I consider responsible for society's ills
What I think intelligence is, how I would define it
My views on the use of drugs and their legalization
What I think of love, how I would define it
My philosophical orientation
Whether I think society would be better / worse without me
What I think an individual can do to improve society
My views on psychology, psychotherapy, psychologists and psychotherapists
My views on esoterism and magic
My views on reincarnation
My views on religions different from mine
My views on free will (reality or delusion?)
Do I think that Man is fundamentally good or evil?
The things I consider most important for a life worth living
How much free time I have
Some books I have read in the last 12 months
Advice I would to give to myself
Advice I would give to others in general
If I had to spend one month on a desert island, what would I take with me
What I predict will happen in the world in the coming thirty years
How familiar I am with computers and technology
What I would say to God if I met Him
What I would like to say to all human beings
My opinion about this site
Questions I would add to this questionnaire

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