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Public page of Salimute

Honesty is the best policy.

Childlike Empress who loves and lives Islam.

Age: 39     Gender: F
Languages: English | Italian
Seek/offer: Friendship
Education: High school
Religion: Muslim
Psychological type: Introvert
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Member of: I have a group for gifts.
Time since last visit: 7 years
Country: Italy   State/Province:
City:     Zip Code:
Skype name:
Profession: Other
Smoker: No
Current relationship: About to divorce or separate
Living with: With my parents
Answers to self-interview: 1 (it)   30  


My interests, hobbies, habits
Nature-staying outdoors-playing in the woods (building cabins)-discovering new places (i prefer the wild-not the city)-swimming in the sea, in rivers-painting-drawing-reading-cinema-diy activities-i love being alone and doing things by myself.
Details about what I seek and offer
Sincere and long term friendship.
My personality  
My nature and character
I am an introvert but I don't disdain the company of kids, children and teenagers. Adults make me feel uncomfortable because they always wear masks and are seldom sincere. I am sincere and sometimes harsh but I am real. I am very sensitive.
How introvert / extravert I am
I am an extrovert only in the presence of children when the adults are absent.
What I find good/beautiful in life
The goodness of Allah-nature-children.
What I find bad/ugly in life
Fake people-lies-cruelty.
My preferences and tastes  
What I appreciate most in a person
Sincerity even if it's harsh-a pure behavior-honesty.
My favorite types of readings
Novels written before 1900-books about religious matters (Islam)
My favorite vacations (places, activities, company etc.)
My feelings  
My fears
I fear abandonment even if I got used to it. I fear falling sick because I don't know who will take care of me.
Things I am passionate about
I am passionate about reading and staying outdoors in the wild
Things that irritate me
Too much people-lies-screams.
Things I could never forgive
Stealing from me or using me for material things pretending you care-LIES.
My wishes and motivations  
My desires
I wish to live without harming anyone. I wish to be able to live independently (grow my own food and building my own house) I wish to live in the wild.
What I am looking for but can't find
I need money to survive but it is impossible for me to live happily while i must go to work and be forced to live in the city and be with people i dont like. i want to be in the wild
How satisfied I am of the life I live
Since I was 20 I have been living and working here and there, I do not have a permanent accomodation by now. So I cannot answer the question.
My social relationships  
How much I am interested in the ideas and feelings of others
If they are not close to me, I stay away from the other humans as much as I can.
How much I need other people's approval
I don't need it.
What I expect from a friend, what true friendship is for me
That they check on me every day.
What I am doing for the common good
I have a group on facebook for re-using things, people give away for free what they don't need.
My story  
My successes
I became a muslim, I started wearing hijab even if I was completely alone and without support. Becoming a Muslim has been my greatest success in life, alhamdulillah :)
My failures
I am not friendly with adults, not by choice but by nature. To get along well with me, an adult must be childish. Clean. Sincere. How many adults are like that?
My self-evaluations  
How I appraise myself
I love myself, I cherish my own company, sometimes I talk to myself.
My virtues and qualities
I am as pure as a child inside.
My faults and defects
I fear people.
My ethics  
My ethical principles
If you can't help, at least don't harm-
My ideas and views  
My religious beliefs
There is no deity but Allah and Muhammad is His Prophet and Messenger.
My views on marriage
I would love it but I lost hope.
Do I believe in destiny? That all things follow a predetermined plan? That nothing happens by chance?
Absolutely yes.
The things I consider most important for a life worth living
A direct contact with nature-elements-animals. Living as close as possible with mother Earth
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