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Frequently Asked Questions

See also About interVista and Getting Started

What is interVista?

interVista is a free web service where you can answer a questionnaire about yourself and get in touch with suitable persons.

interVista has three aims;

  1. improve self-knowledge
  2. let other people (in particular partners, relatives, friends and other persons with whom you interact) have a deeper and more significant knowledge of yourself, and know these persons better by sharing their respective answers to the questionnaire
  3. get in contact with persons suitable to you

For a full description of the site and its services, see also the About interVista page.

Who can benefit from interVista?

Anyone dissatisfied with their social relations or seeking new relationships for a wide range of purposes can benefit from interVista. In particular people who seek or offer: friendship, mutual knowledge, exchange of Ideas, interaction for hobbies, games, sports, travels etc., co-operation for playing music, singing, dancing etc., language exchange, mutual help, advice, work, clients, cohabitation, cohousing, home exchange, car pooling, business co-operation, intellectual co-operation, tutoring, long-lasting love relationship, occasional love relationship, etc.

Shall I answer all the questions in the questionnaire?

You can choose the questions to which you wish to answer.

Shall I answer all the questions in one time?

You may answer at various stages. When loggin in, the questionnaire is recalled in the same state as when left, and can be completed a little at a time. It is recommended to fill it out over several days.

How is my privacy and identity protected?

On registering, you should provide a nickname instead of your real name. You must provide an email address, but it is used only by the internal messaging system, and it is not visible to any visitor or user of the site. The access to your personal date is protected by a password. For further information, see the Privacy policy page.

Do I need to install any special software in oder to use interVista?

No, you don't. In order to use interVista it suffices to use an internet browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer, and an internet connection.

Do I have to pay anything for the services of interVista

For the time being the registration and all services offered by interVista are free of charge. In the future, it may happen that some services will be offered for a price.

How do I register?

Use the Registration link, located in the main menu on any page.

How can I view/edit my personal data and add a picture of myself?

Use the My data link, located on the page header. This is visible only if you are logged-in.

Can I do my self-interview in more than one language?

interVista is available in five sites of different languages: in English (, Italian (, French (, German ( and Spanish ( You can do your self-interview in more than one language. To this end, once you have registered in any of the five sites, login in the site corresponding to the language in which you want to do your self-interview.

See also About interVista and Getting Started

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